Design and branding

Use our transport cases to carry your corporate identity

Individual lettering and printing for your corporate image.

The impression your transport packing gives to others is a representation of your company. With a colour that matches your company’s colours and lettering with your company’s logo, the image you give to the outside world is effectively supported. Use this possibility to make your company better-known.

19" rack with digital lettering
Digital lettering of ProCase transport packaging
Refrigerator case with silk screen printing
Silk screen printing of ProCase transport packaging
Flight case with foil-cut logo
Foil-cut logo printing of ProCase transport packaging

There are several possibilities to put your logo on our products. The decisive factors for the most suitable type of printing lie in your logo itself (shades, shapes and sizes) as well as the purpose (presentations, rock and roll or transport logistics).

Simply send us your logo by email and we will be pleased to recommend suitable solutions for the printing work on your flight case.

Choice of colours

At ProCase you have the choice of many colours that are available, you will not find dullness and monotony here. With a transport case in your company’s colour you can enhance your distinctive corporate image. Moreover, you can set up your own organisational system using the colours and thereby quickly find the case you need e.g. yellow for your exhibition stand, blue for your exhibits, red for tools etc. We would be pleased to send you our colour chart free and without obligation.