Custom-made flight cases, transport cases and box packing.

ProCase can build your product exactly to your specifications

Precision building

ProCase products are designed in such a way that you can freely choose the length, width and height of your case. You can even choose the height of the lid. The modular construction used by ProCase makes this possible. The result is that you can get your custom-made box packing at a cheaper price than anywhere else, even as a one-off.

Together we can find an optimal and easy to use packing solution
finding packing solutions
We develop easy to use and highly effective transport fixing systems
detail transport fixing systems
CAD design for drawings and documentation
documentation drawings transport case

Individual series production

Individual flight cases can be industrially made for you from one piece upwards. You profit from our economic manufacturing processes and the precision of an industrial series production. You can choose the colour of your case from an extensive range available.

ProCase: economic box packing

-          Fast loading and unloading

-          Re-usable box packing with a long life-cycle

-          High level of transport security

Possibility of certification through transport simulation