ProCase packing systems for medical equipment

Transport packing systems for medical equipment that meets the highest demands

Transport safety for medical equipment

The ProCase transport packing system cushions and protects especially well against the stresses of transportation. The especially high-quality interior features give exceptional transport safety. The ProCase packing system to ISPM 15 requirements means you can export world-wide without the need for fumigation procedures.

Transport simulation and certification

At ProCase we can offer you certification for our packing systems. Using transport simulation carried out under DIN standards, you are assured that your equipment is fully protected. The packing certificate is a confirmation of suitability for the forwarder as well as the transport insurer, thus making any claims for damage during transport much easier.

Safely secured in the ProCase transport box

Using an integrated loading ramp equipment can be loaded easily into the ramped case. All securing points can be operated without the need for tools which allows anyone to carry out this task. Your equipment always arrives safely at or from testing stations or exhibitions.

Fit for purpose packing

Your equipment can be packed completely assembled and ready to go. With the ProCase system you save time and money by both packing and unpacking.

Custom made even for one-offs

Do you require ProCase packing just for your demo equipment?

Using our modular construction system, we can build a single, one-off packing, to your given dimensions and marked with your logo.

Ramped case for a micro guide

Ramped case for a micro guide


Transport case with integrated loading ramp and side accessory storage with compartmented doors.

Ramped case BrainLAB VV Compact

Ramped case BrainLAB VV Compact


Ramped case with lifting mechanism for relieving the load on the equipment rollers.

Dentist`s chair transport box

Dentist`s chair transport box


Transport box for a dentist’s chair. The box additionally contains a fixture for holding the dentist’s lights.

Transport box for sterilisation containers

Transport box for sterilisation containers


Transport box with a trolley for up to 4 sterilisation containers

PackCase Atmos C401/361

PackCase Atmos C401/361


PackCase trunk for Atmos 401 with compartments for secretion containers

Covered case Atmos Record 55

Covered case Atmos Record 55


Covered case Atmos Record 55 with compartment for accessories, with rollers.

Zeiss operation microscope Pentero

Zeiss operation microscope Pentero


Ramped case for an operation microscope with transport safety and lifting mechanism.

Philips MRC-800CT replacement

Philips MRC-800CT replacement


Transport container for exchange ct tube for Philips MRC-800ct.

Philips CT replacement

Philips CT replacement


The replacement box has been so designed that it fits between the ct and the cushion and so that it can be pulled up over the cable shaft by the grips.

Transport case MedArt 470 Laser

Transport case MedArt 470 Laser


Transport case for MedArt 470 Laser and accessories. Used for equipment hire.

Ramped case, closed.

Ramped case, closed.


Closed ramped case, on rollers.

Ramped case for medical technology cart.

Ramped case for medical technology cart.


Transport case for medical technology cart

Brochures and catalogues

High-tech transport cases

Download .PDF (417kB)
Brochures High-tec transport cases

High-Tec transport cases

Brochure for case system solutions for both valuable and heavy goods

Advantages at a glance

  • Individual, re-useable packing system
  • Equipment packed with optimum transport protection
  • Ramped case with integral loading ramp
  • Exclusive design features add a professional image

Packing systems & Vario-Flex

Download .PDF
Brochure Packing systems

Packing systems, Vario-Flex and case series

Brochure for flight cases and trunks in standard sizes


  • Standard series trunks
  • PackCase format
  • Profi / ProfiPlus trunks
  • Vario-Flex packing systems
  • Case series
  • Hard shell cases
  • Foam inlays

Pack cases with format

PackCases im Euroformat gestapelt

PackCase in Format

Practical flight case trunks for universal usage. Professional handling featuring sunken grips. Each format is suited for stacking on one another. Finished in grey on the inside as standard. Blue-wheel rollers, hard shell outer case and a variable compartmenting system are options.

ProCase PackCases for your company

  • Sunken handle flaps
  • Butterfly-type locks
  • Stackable
  • Finished in black for immediate delivery from stock

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Cupboard cases

Download .PDF
Brochure for cabinet and drawer chests

Portable organisation systems featuring drawer chests

Brochure for cabinet and drawer chests

Infinitely variable

for exhibitions and trade fairs

  • Sample cabinet
  • Leaflet cabinet
  • Crockery cabinet
  • Wardrobe

for service engineers

  • Tool chests
  • Measuring equipment cases

for stage engineering

  • Tool chests
  • Adapter and cable case
  • Microphone cabinet

or even as designer furniture