Mobile IT

System solutions, specials and OEM production

Mobile 19" server-cabinets / racks

The 19” specially-designed SPS (shock protection system) for sensitive electronic equipment allows you to use and transport both server and telecoms equipment without worry. Our racks meet the 19” standard and offer extensive accessories for the server cabinet.

Mobile solutions for IT service providers

Individual transport cases for your IT environment for general meetings, exhibitions or industrial consultation. You can store everything perfectly from computer to mouse up to the last bit of cable.

Systems solutions for rental cases

Plasma cases, TFT cases, projector cases, information terminals and equipment cases – your IT equipment is always safely packed and stored away and your accessories in the flight case are always easily accessible.

TFT screen case

TFT screen case


Case for TFT screen

Transport trunk for SMS Cleverboard 3

Transport trunk for SMS Cleverboard 3


Transport trunk for SMS Cleverboard 3 with partitioning.

Case for HP Touchscreen

Case for HP Touchscreen


Case for HP Touchscreen with integrated trolley function.

Rubber-cushioned rack, closed

Rubber-cushioned rack, closed


Rubber-cushioned rack featuring printed logo.

Rubber-cushioned rack, opened

Rubber-cushioned rack, opened


Rubber-cushioned rack featuring printed logo. Stepless rack-rails are held with rubber cushions.

SPS rack

SPS rack


SPS rack featuring digital printing. The interior cage for 19” equipment is assembled on steplessly adjustable shock absorbers.

Standard 19" rack

Standard 19" rack


Standard 19” rack featuring printed logo

Standard 19" rack

Standard 19" rack


Standard 19” rack with top lid and vertically adjustable rack-rails

Plasma case

Plasma case


Plasma case for a Panasonic TH-42PS

Covered case for a projector

Covered case for a projector


Covered case with compartments for accessories for a projector.

SPS rack

SPS rack

SPS (shock protection system) rack. The interior cage for 19” equipment is assembled on steplessly adjustable shock absorbers.

Brochures and catalogues

19" racks

Download .PDF
Brochure 19 inch racks

19” rack flight cases and studio furniture

Brochure for racks and studio furniture for the 19” rack standard.


Standard racks

  • Double door, single door & double door top
  • Angled lid
  • Console case
  • Racks without lids

Profi Racks

  • Double door & double door top

Shockmount-GP racks as standard

Shockmount-GP racks Profi-Plus (with rubber cushioning)

SPS racks (shock protection system)

QSD racks (quick sliding door)

Rack module system

19” accessories

  • 19” panels, 19” aluminium drawers, 19” socket rails

Studio furniture

  • System studio racks
  • Production tables
  • Individual studio furniture

AV systems

Brochure AV systems / plasma cases
Brochure AV systems / plasma cases

Flight cases for AV equipment / plasma display cases

ProCase provides suitable flight cases for both plasma and LCD displays, TFT cases and large-screen format projector cases.

All cases feature the best possible transport protection with an ergonomic design. A further feature of our LCD and plasma cases is that they offer an interior that can be arranged flexibly to suit the contents. The Screen Flex cases and the TFT-Flex cases can thus be easily adapted for various equipment for safe transportation.


  • Plasma display cases
  • Screen FlexCases
  • Projector cases
  • TFT Flex-cases

TFT flex cases

TFT flight case

Flight cases for TFT displays

ProCase TFT cases offer a safe protection and the best possible handling properties.

The cushioning is manufactured to fit all types of equipment exactly.

ProCase TFT cases for your company

  • Storage space for power supply unit and connection cable
  • Available for all standard models
  • Stackable

Pack cases with format

PackCases im Euroformat gestapelt

PackCase in Format

Practical flight case trunks for universal usage. Professional handling featuring sunken grips. Each format is suited for stacking on one another. Finished in grey on the inside as standard. Blue-wheel rollers, hard shell outer case and a variable compartmenting system are options.

ProCase PackCases for your company

  • Sunken handle flaps
  • Butterfly-type locks
  • Stackable
  • Finished in black for immediate delivery from stock

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Pegasus Rigging Frame

Brochure Pegasus Rigging Frame.PDF
Brochure Pegasus Rigging Frame

Pegasus Rigging Frame

In addition to the Flightcases ProCase offers the Rigging Frame, too.

Pegasus is the professional rigging and stacking frame for video and data projectors. It is the only frame in the world that has been designed and individually tested in accordance with BGV-C1 regulations, one of the world strictest rules for security in public event environments..