Transport monitoring

Using indicators, you can check whether your goods and equipment have been correctly transported

When sensitive goods and equipment are transported, you can see if they have been carried in a correct and proper manner, using various indicators. These indicators register impacts, drops, rough handling, damage through tilting, humidity or non-observation of the temperature requirements. Should your goods arrive defective, it can be seen which of the transportation requirements for the trunk were not held. Do not send any goods without proper transport monitoring.


Shockwatch indicator, item No. 08738
Transport monitoring by shockwatch indicator
Drop n`tell
item No. 08739
Transport monitoring by drop n`tell
Humidity indicator
item No. PCM-Feucht
Transport monitoring by humidity indicator
Min Max thermometer
item No. k19125002-04
Transport monitoring by Min Max thermometer

Transport monitoring indicators for trunks

  • Shockwatch sticker: indicator for impacts (cannot be reset)
  • Drop n’ tell: indicator for impacts from one direction (resettable)
  • Tiltwatch: tilting indicator for upright transportation
  • Digital min / max thermometer with memory
  • Humidity indicator with check window