Foam inlays

Accurately-fitting hard and soft foam inlays for cases 

Tools and equipment are bedded into foam inlays like a nest, giving them an exact cushioning

Shaped cut-outs
Foam inlay for cases, manufactured as shaped cut-outs
CNC-machined part with laser engraving
Foam inlay for cases, manufactured as CNC-machined part with lase engraving.
Water jet part
Foam inlay for cases, manufactured as water jet part.
3-layer stamped part
Foam inlay for caes 3-layer manufactured as stamped part
ProCase Messzeuge-Koffer mit CNC-gefräster Schaumstoffeinlage

Hard foam inlay

Foam inlays are manufactured either hard or soft, according to need. Hard foam inlays are CNC-machined, CNC- water jet cut or stamped. Hard foam inlays can also be engraved by laser giving them that extra-special look. This adds to the value of their appearance.

Soft foam inlay

Soft foam inlays are either stamped or cut to shape. Shape-cutting is especially suitable for cylindrical objects. 

Programming and tooling costs for foam inlays

A program must be written for all CNC-machined or water jet cut foam inlays, which is subject to a one-off charge. For single cases or small batches, a CNC-machined foam inlay is, in most cases, the most reasonable.

Stamped shapes or shape-cutting also incur a one-off tooling charge, whereby the costs become reasonable when ordering larger, total amounts.