Partitions and engineered retainers for components for the flight cases.

So that all your parts and equipment are organised and held safely in the flight case itself, it is fitted with a partitioning system or foam inlays.

Flight case with machined retainers
ProCase i01014006 flight case interior
Flight case for a moving light featuring machined partitions and hard foam
ProCase i18003010 flightcase interior
CNC-machined retainers, fitted with felt
ProCase i13009010 flightcase interior
Robust interior partitioning for heavy parts
ProCase k19300002 flight case interior

CNC-machined and engineered partitioning

The shapes of the sidewalls and retainers of ProCase products are machined using modern CNC technology. This makes them precise and reproducible. Partitioning is engineered into the flight cases which make them an integral part of the product. This method lets especially heavy parts be secured in a way whereby transport safety can be guaranteed. An additional cushioning of foam and felt protect the surfaces of your equipment.

Compartments and variable partitioning

If compartments are needed in order to divide the interior, we recommend, where possible, a variable solution. This gives you the option at a later date of varying the compartments by simply “unplugging” the partition walls and moving them to a more suitable position.

Variable “Vario-Flex” fitting out
Variable “Vario-Flex” fitting out as flight case interior.
Cross-partitioning system for floodlights
ProCase k13200011 flight case interior
7mm partitioning in slotted foam
ProCase k22027034 flight case interior
Fixed long partition plus variable partitioning in slotted foam
ProCase k18078004 flightcase interior

Variable partitioning systems can be found in many “standard” ProCase flight cases

  • Vario-Flex universal transport flight case
  • Floodlight cross-partitioning for Vario-Flex
  • Screen FlexCases – variable LCD / Plasma cases
  • TFT FlexCases – variable flight cases for computer screens
  • Partitioning systems for PackCases
  • Support case – universal trolley-type flight case
  • In drawers of cabinet cases