SIP integral foam inlays

Sliced SIP PUR foam offers best cushioning of flight cases.

SIP integral foam in the flight case offers the best-possible transport protection.

What is SIP?

SIP stands for “Superior Impact Protection” – an especially high protection system. The term was first coined in the automobile industry in the crash protection systems that were developed there and since then has been used also for polyurethane integral foam for flight cases.

Rubber-like toughness outside – softness inside

Polyurethane – commonly abbreviated to PU, is formed in a mould, whereby a rubber-like skin is formed on the outside, leaving a soft, airy inside. The SIP integral foam inlay is thus compact, being from one mould. SIP is easy to clean, hygienic and offers good damping protection and therefore excellent transport security when used in flight cases.

Uses of SIP

SIP cases are recommended for sensitive and delicate goods and equipment, for example Movinglight floodlights, medical equipment, tools or other industrial equipment.

Apart from these qualities, SIP is resistant to oil and grease making them an ideally suitable case for tools.