Product Series DuraFlight

DuraFlight lightweight flight case construction

Weight-reduced cases from ABS plastic

DuraFlight Cases sind bis 30% leichter als normale Flightcases

DuraFlight cases are made of ABS sandwich sheets and, in comparison to the Multiplex plywood construction, a weight saving of up to 30%

Nevertheless, DuraFlight cases are extremely stable and are also recommended for heavy goods. Sidewalls are 15mm thick and the construction is similar to the Profi Plus range.

Advantages of DuraFlight cases:

  • Up to 30% less weight than Muliplex plywood construction
  • High level of stability – recommended as packing for heavy goods
  • High resistance against scratching of the ABS exterior and with an attractive appearance
  • The cases offer good insulation features and are especially suitable for temperature-critical purposes
  • Just like Muliplex cases, they are produced accurately according to dimensions of width, height and length
  • Available with customised interior fittings and cushioning
  • Available in silver, black and blue.

Uses of DuraFlight cases – where weight matters

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  • ATA air freight packing
  • When a low transport weight is needed
  • Lighter cases mean easier handling

DuraFlight cases – an investment that pays for itself

DuraFlight cases cost approximately 25% more than Multiplex plywood cases, but it is an investment that pays for itself when weight is a critical factor in their use.