Product series Standard

Standard flight cases

In the ProCase Standard series, mostly all small and medium-sized cases are produced. The advantage here lies in the high stability of the product, which makes them also suitable for heavy items. They are mainly used for tools, measuring instruments and other equipment.

The standard series is fitted with medium-sized butterfly-type locks and steel ball-corners
Bufferfly closure of the ProCase Standard serie
The interiors have an easy to clean and light lining
Interior view of the ProCase Standard flight case
The lid consists of a flat, aluminium frame and is fitted here with hinges that lock in the open position
Lid - locks in the open position - of the ProCase Standard serie flight case

Recommended sizes

The Standard series is meant for very small sizes up to about 120cm in length. If there are partition walls in the case, then due to the extra stability a length of up to 150cm can be easily achieved. The use of Solidplex plywood walls give an extremely high strength.

What weight can we transport in a Standard series case?

We recommend a maximum weight of around 70kg. this can however, vary, depending on the shape and use.

Extra options

  • Foam inlays
  • Finishing in foam or felt
  • Inlay trays
  • Partitioning
  • Fixing rails

Technical details

  • 7mm Solidplex plywood wall material
  • Medium-sized butterfly-type locks
  • Medium-sized, sunken fold-out handles
  • Aluminium edge protection
  • Steel ball-corners
  • Available with rubber feet, as a trolley or with rollers
ProCase Standard PackCase with trolley