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ProCase ISPM15 Kompatibilitätslogo für Transportkoffer

Barrier-free export through manufacturers’ certificates

Export Norm IPPC-ISPM15

The above export standard has in the meanwhile become the norm for exportability of wooden packing cases. Most countries in the world set their own import regulations along these lines. The export standard of IPPC- ISPM15 is designed to prevent the import of foreign insects into the native flora.

This means for many wooden cases an expensive insecticide procedure, long waiting times at borders or even an import ban. ProCase flight cases do not have this problem when being exported. ProCase flight cases are designed to fully conform with IPPC-ISPM15 and consist of so-called “processed wood”. The wooden materials used in the manufacture of ProCase system containers ensure full conformity with all the required standards and thus are not held up when crossing any frontier.

Background information to IPPC-ISPM15

The abbreviation ISPM stands for the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures introduced by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). The IPPC belongs to the food and agriculture organisation of the United Nations (FAO)

IPPC-standard ISPM15 export declaration (29kB)

EU Timber Regulation No 995/2010

The ProCase containers are made of coated plywood. We consider it our responsibility to our environment that the natural resource wood is not being exploited by illegal harvesting. We confirm that we support the EU regulation and a due diligence system have been taken to implement this.

ProCase works with a certified management system, which documents all goods receipts and the flow of goods.We purchases timber only from producers and traders, who confirm, that they take care themselves, that they are not deliver timber products from illegally harvested timber to us and they implement the EU Timber Regulation No 995/2010. The risk that illegally harvested timber flows in our products, we have therefore classified with low.

ProCase EU Timber Regulation Nr 995/2010 Declaration