Transport aids

For an efficient and optimum handling

“Blue wheels” rollers

ProCase uses rollers (Blue wheels) which often have useful extras such as metal fibre protection. This prevents any fibres or dirt entering the bearing housing thus ensuring a long and reliable working life.

ProCase rollers also have a strengthened housing and an especially high load bearing capability so that collisions with kerbs on the road can be easily withstood.

Handles and integrated trolleys

The ProCase integrated trolley can be pulled comfortably behind you. The handles are placed exactly where they belong which is where you need them, so that it is a pleasure to be able to handle your case in the most practical way.

Fork lift feet

ProCase products are available with fork lift feet so that transport of your cases can be achieved without problem.

ProCase “Blue wheel” roller
ProCase “Blue wheel” roller
Stable corner roller on a trolley
corner roller on a flight case
Fork lift foot with cushioning
ProCase fork lift foot for transport case
Heavy duty plug-in roller for a fork lift foot
Heavy duty plug-in roller for a fork lift foot at a ProCase flight case
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Transport fixing without the need for tools

All transport fixings within a ProCase product can be opened without the need for tools and all cushioning is integral. The case not only protects but the complete handling is also well-thought out and easy to use.