Wall materials

Solidplex sidewall

High rigidity

ProCase uses high rigidity Solidplex birch ply multiplex material which gives us the advantage of being able to offer an excellent weight/rigidity relationship.

The surface has a solid-color, hard coating available in many colors. Exterior sidewalls for most flight cases are offered in either 7mm or 10mm thicknesses. For flight cases that demand an extra or a critical strength, thicknesses of up to 40mm can be offered. Often different thicknesses can be combined so that, for example, a thicker floor plate can be built in.

Our aim is always to get the maximum possible stability with the least possible weight.

Light interiors

ProCase products have a foil interior lining. This gives the sidewalls and bottom of the quality plywood a high resistance against damp and moisture and at the same time make them easy to clean.

Additionally, the inside is finished in a light, pleasing grey color instead of black. This gives the contents the advantage of being easier to see and better organized – which has also been confirmed in practice.

DuraFlight sidewalls

Weight-reduced cases from ABS plastic

DuraFlight cses are made of ABS sandwich sheets and, in comparison to the Multiplex plywood construction, a weight saving of up to 30%.

Nevertheless, DuraFlight cases are extremely stable and are also recommended for heavy goods. Sidewalls are 15mm thick and the construction is similar to the Profi Plus range.

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