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Cost advantages

Get the maximum out of your investment in packing systems

Efficient and time-saving

The clever loading ideas from ProCase lets you save time through a fast packing and unpacking of your parts and equipment. Together with that we can offer an individual interior design that keeps everything in order and to hand.

Packing is done without the need for transport securing and locking and without the need for any special tools. With well-thought out transport aids.

ProCase products can be moved safely and comfortably.

Re-usable packing

With ProCase your are using a classical re-useable packing system. This not only saves you time but achieves a positive result for the environment.

Because of the high quality of ProCase products, they are especially long-lasting which means any investment in a ProCase re-usable product is really worth it – re-useable packing can have a service life of between 10 to 15 years.

Repairability and adaptability

ProCase packing systems can be repaired and adapted at a later date for a change of content. Should the product become damaged, then fittings and wall sides can be repaired or replaced.

In this way their value and function can be maintained throughout their lifetimes..

Good value-for-money

ProCase offers packing solutions which represents a good balance between top quality and a fair price.

Furthermore, you are buying your individual products directly from us, the manufacturers, who will give you a price with which we are sure you will benefit from for a long time.