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SINORA Cases & Racks

Uniquely good plastic cases - this is SINORA

Expert for maximum Protection

Why SINORA Cases?

The first time I picked up a SINORA case, I remember, I immediately had a good feeling. The handle feels great in the hand and I can feel how robust the plastic shell is. The feel of the surface is successful. A fine structure and a silky shine. I put the case on the table and open it. I know pretty much all the variations of suitcase locks and ponder for a brief moment how they work. I put my hand on the right lock and with an intuitive slight lift of the latch it makes a click. On the left, another click and the suitcase is open. I thought Wow, this is the best and most stable lock I have ever operated and the case opens and closes as one would wish. I can feel the pull and sturdiness of the latches. There was nothing to complain about. I put the lid on and just before the top point I feel a slight resistance in the hinge, a defined point beyond which the lid is open. That's well thought out, the lid can't fall on my fingers. Really good. A circumferential seal on the lid ensures that the case is dustproof and waterproof. I have a big grin on my face and am happy with this case in my hand. The decision to offer these cases to our customers was already made at that moment.  (Thomas Schweighart)

SINORA Cases - robust case packaging for industry

SINORA Cases offers an outstanding position compared to all other plastic case manufacturers. Why? The workmanship and material quality of the cases are at the highest quality level - at a reasonable price. However, SINORA Cases is insanely flexible for an injection molding manufacturer. Economically, the advantage of the plastic injection molding manufacturing process is the low unit price, but the disadvantage is the high investment in the injection molding tools at the SINORA plant. In this point lies a great strength of SINORA through its own toolmaking. We can thus realize all possible special designs with SINORA cases and we can offer everything from one source at very moderate costs.

We at ProCase can realize individual special designs with our CNC machining capabilities. For example with individual foam inserts or connection bushings.

SINORA Cases Advantages

  • Top material quality and handling
  • Availability directly from SINORA - Europe central warehouse
  • Online Bestellmöglichkeit für SINORA Cases B2B Shop
  • Injection molding special designs through intensive contact with the manufacturer
  • Individual foam inserts for SINORA cases

SINORA Cases in video