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Transport simulation and certification

Ability test through DIN-ISO packing test

Test procedures

The stress of transportation on the various roads using the normal means of transportation is reconstructed in an environment laboratory. As this should be realistic, fully functioning goods should be placed in the packing system.

At the end of the test, the goods can be seen to be undamaged and in perfect working condition.

Road transport over bad roads

The DIN packing test is carried out using a shaker. Here, the simulation is that of a truck running over a badly made road and being shaken.

Using the so-called “free fall” test, a simulation of being dropped is also carried out.

Recording of transport stresses

In this test, sensors are positioned in pre-determined places during the test in order to show and measure the effects of transport stresses on the goods within the packing system.

Certificate / test report

After successfully going through the tests, the customer receives a test report as confirmation of the suitability of the packing system for those goods used. This gives the customer the assurance that the goods and well-packed and will reach their destination in perfect condition. A final check then takes place at the end of the tests.

This shows then that in a ProCase packing system, your goods will survive the most turbulent  of transport conditions.