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Discover your dream job.

Internship at ProCase in Miltenberg or Ellwangen

In our internships you can choose between the following options:

  •     Pro-internship in all departments
  •     Internship for all our apprenticeships
  •     Internship for our dual courses of study
  •     Optional or compulsory internship
  •     Student internship
  •     Long-term internship
  •     Individual internship by arrangement

With an internship of your choice you will get an insight into the daily work at ProCase. Be there when your idea becomes an individual ProCase.

Internship request?

Just fill out our small form.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Good chance for a training position
  • Get to know your dream job
  • Personal experience
  • First step into working life
  • Insights into manufacturing industry

Why you should do an internship with us.

An internship offers you the opportunity to get to know the activities and the people at our company over several days.

Discover your dream job and find out what you need to know and be able to do. We recommend that you do two or three internships in different companies before making your training decision. Our goal is to employ you later in our company. So after your internship you have good chances for a future at ProCase. You have many different possibilities. Look forward to an exciting time at ProCase.

Any questions? Get in touch!