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Product quality and finishing

Mobile case systems for high demands – "Made in Germany"

ProCase – a tried and trusted brand

The ProCase brand is a symbol for quality and innovation which has established us as a top manufacturer for many years now. Countless ProCase customers have put their trust in us.

It gives them security in the fact that in ProCase, they have chosen a solid supplier.

More than 30 years experience

ProCase is a pioneer of custom-made flight case systems in Europe and with its ideas and developments has played a leading role in the industry and has helped to form it in an active way.

Consistence and experience are the things that our many satisfied customers have relied upon for more than 30 years now.

Quality assurance

ProCase has a quality assurance system with an established procedure for quality assurance with clearly set down procedures and a multi-stage quality control. From the first consultation until the delivery of the finished product, you can rely on the quality of ProCase. You receive your case exactly as you want it and so ensure the planning of your purchase process through a reliable delivery. Over 4.000 satisfied ProCase customers can confirm this.

CAD and engineering

Our own design and development department enables you to access the know-how of their experience gained over many years.

Using modern CAD software, three-dimensional models of the packing are created.

Critical points can thus be simulated so that you are sure in the knowledge that the result is a well-thought out and functional packing system for you.

CNC machining

ProCase products are produced using modern CNC machining techniques. This precision makes sure that all parts have a reproducible quality.

This is important in case more of the same products are ordered. With ProCase products you can, for example, swap the lid of an old case and put it on a new one.

This offers you security that your ProCase systems are compatible and can be extended in the future.

Maintenance of size standards

ProCase maintains the size standards which have proved themselves optimum for transportation. For example, the truck size dimensions of 60 cm and 80 cm for a safe loading of trucks in event technology. Furthermore, we at ProCase take into account the special loading dimensions of the air freight industry and loading dimensions for sea freight or those for small transporters. If small parcel delivery services are used, then expensive surcharges for not holding the combined length and width dimensions are avoided. ProCase's experience gives you the assurance that your transport needs are optimized from the point of view of loading.