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Logo and lettering

Use our transport cases to carry your corporate identity

Professional branding of your flight cases

Corporate design lettering of your flight case

With an individually marked flight case you can create an unmistakeable image. Use this possibility to promote your company to others. ProCase will support you in the creation and realization of your design on your case.

Your logo on your flight case

There are many possibilities to put your logo on your case: decisive is how you want your logo to appear (colorfulness, shape and size) as well as the type of lettering to suit the purpose (presentations, rock concerts or logistics).

Just send us your logo by email and we will give you a recommendation for implementing the printing of it on your flight case.

Large choice of colors

At ProCase you have the choice of many colors that are available; you will not find dullness and monotony here. With a transport case in your company’s color you can enhance your distinctive corporate image.

Moreover, you can set up your own organizational system using the colors and thereby quickly find the case you need e.g. yellow for your exhibition stand, blue for your exhibits, red for tools etc.

We would be pleased to send you our color chart free and without obligation.

Flight case rack with digital design print

Flight case rack with digital design print

Flight cases with screen print branding

Flight cases with screen print branding

Flight case with vinyl cutted branding

Flight case with vinyl cutted branding

Flight case with vinyl foil cut logo

Flight case with vinyl foil cut logo

Lettering processes

Foil cut

The foil cut process delivers a sharp, brilliant result onto the case surface. It is suitable for a single or dual color logo (vector graphic). Foil cuts are the cheapest possibility to affix logos on low quantity case orders. Foil cut logos can also be retro-affixed.

We at ProCase use a special high-quality type foil which has a long life on the case surface.

Digital printing

Digitally printed stickers offer almost unlimited possibilities for that unmistakeable and individual presence.

Your case will be a real treat for the eyes.

Milled logo

The logo is milled in the case surface using CNC technology to give an extremely good optical effect. The milling is, of course, permanent but is not suitable for all logos and the logo must be in a vector graphic format.

Mostly logos are milled in with interior racks, inlay trays and moveable partition walls. Marking is mainly for lettering of initials, not for logos themselves.

Silk screen printing

Silk screen printing is recommended for printing large quantities of the same case. There will be a one-off surcharge for the silk screen printing of cases.

The silk screen print is indelible and durable.

Roller printing

Template roller printing is mainly used for printing marking codes. Edge sharpness and color saturation cannot be held exactly. It gives only the appearance of quality, thus used only for simple printing purposes. It is used mainly for coding marking.

Cases can be retro-marked with a template. The color is durable and only indelible to a certain extent.

The individually-made templates, from aluminium or oil cartons carry the text in block letters to DIN A 1451. The height of the letters are 30mm, 50mm or 100mm.