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Flight cases for motorsports

System solutions, specials and OEM production for motor racing

Development and production of individual transport packing systems for high-tech vehicle components and the motorsport industry

Safety and an optimal handling

Together with these priorities is placing a high value on the functional interiors of the cases. Special retainers and fixings from stainless steel, plastics and multiplexes meet the highest standards necessary, as does the packing of racing engines.

The flexibility and experience of our design team will give you the confidence in the realization of your requirements. Our performance-oriented production team is the guarantee for a fast and reliable on time delivery.

ProCase offers perfect system solutions

We have already developed many mobile system solutions for the motor racing industry: e.g. tool boxes with drawers or the universal Vario-Flex transport cases.

Application example: drawer chests

Drawer chests can be filled with drawers in different heights

Flight case systems for motorsports

  • Brochure for flight case solutions for the motor racing industry


    Robustness for heavy components
    DuraFlight lightweight construction
    Time-saving thanks to ergonomic design
    Exclusive design features add a professional image
    Modular and flexible

    pdf528 KB

  • Brochure for cabinet and drawer chests

    Portable organisation systems featuring drawer chests

    For exhibitions and trade fairs:
    Sample cabinet
    Leaflet cabinet
    Crockery cabinet

    For service engineers:
    Tool chests
    Measuring equipment cases

    For stage engineering:
    Tool chests
    Adapter and cable case
    Microphone cabinet

    pdf1 MB

Packcases in Format

Practical flight case trunks for universal usage. Professional handling featuring sunken grips. Each format is suited for stacking on one another. Finished in grey on the inside as standard. Blue-wheel rollers, hard shell outer case and a variable compartmenting system are options.

ProCase Packcases for your company

  • Sunken handle flaps
  • Butterfly-type locks
  • Stackable
  • Finished in black for immediate delivery from stock