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Flight cases for event technology

Road trunks for show and event technology, TV and Film

System solutions, specials and OEM production

Flexibility and ease of handling of flight cases

ProCase system solutions create compatibility and acceptance.

The Vario-Flex road trunk with its truck-standard sizes is today’s most-used type of flight case in the stage and event business. Featuring variable compartment walls, inlay boxes for small parts and the 19” insert system, storage of everything from cables to a complete light and sound system is possible.

Just so that you don’t have to pack it all in after just having unpacked it

ProCase provides transport cases for equipment for the complete show and event segment.

More than 30 years experience, the high quality of our materials combined with the best possible finishing guarantees safety and security for your business.

Product examples

Sprinter Rack 136R120

Sprinter Rack

Sprinter standard size case with plastic storage boxes 136R120

Microphone Case 13018mic1

Microphone Case

Pack Case 8 with foam inlay for 12 microphones or 6 handhelds 13018mic1

Vario-Flex Rack 13524DD-K

Vario-Flex Rack

Vario-Flex trunk case as double door version for storing modular 19 inch racks

QSD Rack 109814

QSD Rack

QSD rack 14U with sliding lid (quick sliding door) and shockmounted 19 inch frame 109814

Modular Rack 4U 35504

Modular Rack

Modular Rack unit 4U for assembly of various 19 inch components 135504

ScreenLift Case 146505

ScreenLift Case

Flatscreen flight case for transport und presentation 146505

Support Case 1336433-K

Support Case

Technician tool case with trolley for personal equipment 336433-K

Half-Size Racks

Half-Size Racks

Half-Size racks are suited for 9,5 inch half form factor units

Flatscreen Stand Case i01014006

Flatscreen Stand Case

Transport trunk for an Audipack mobile display stand i01014006

Movinglight Flight Case i03016004

Movinglight Flight Case

Flight Case for the safe transport of lights, this trunk is for 4 pcs Clay Paky A.leda Wash K10 i03016004

Speaker Case i04001060-K

Speaker Case

Flight case for line array speakers, d+b T10 4pcs cradle i04001060-K

Mixercase Roland M-5000 i18001048


Touring mix desk flight cases for digital and analogous consoles , this case is for the Roland M-5000 desk i18001048

Tour Guide Flight Case k19248003

Tour Guide Flight Case

Case with cnc-milled foam inlay for tour guide systems k19248003

Application example: Broadcast camera pedestal

For Vinten V4002-0002 Quattro-OBL studio pedestal

Flight case systems for event technology

  • Brochure for racks and studio furniture for the 19'' rack standard

    19'' rack flight cases and studio furniture

    Standard racks (double door, single door & double door top, angled lid, console case, racks without lids)
    Profi racks (double door & double door top)
    Shockmount-GP racks as standard
    Shockmount-GP racks Profi-Plus (with rubber cushioning)
    SPS racks (shock protection system)
    QSD racks (quick sliding door)
    Rack module system
    19'' accessories (19'' panels, 19'' aluminium drawers, 19'' socket rails)
    Studio furniture (system studio racks, production tables, individual studio furniture)

    pdf3 MB

  • Brochure for cabinet and drawer chests

    Portable organisation systems featuring drawer chests

    For exhibitions and trade fairs:
    Sample cabinet
    Leaflet cabinet
    Crockery cabinet

    For service engineers:
    Tool chests
    Measuring equipment cases

    For stage engineering:
    Tool chests
    Adapter and cable case
    Microphone cabinet

    pdf1 MB

Packcases in Format

Practical flight case trunks for universal usage. Professional handling featuring sunken grips. Each format is suited for stacking on one another. Finished in grey on the inside as standard. Blue-wheel rollers, hard shell outer case and a variable compartmenting system are options.

ProCase Packcases for your company

  • Sunken handle flaps
  • Butterfly-type locks
  • Stackable
  • Finished in black for immediate delivery from stock
  • Broschure Pegasus rigging frame

    Pegasus rigging frame

    Pegasus is the professional rigging and stacking frame for video and data projectors. It is the only frame in the world that has been designed and individually tested in accordance with BGV-C1 regulations, one of the world strictest rules for security in public event environments..

    pdf799 KB