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Our hygiene flight case solutions are aligned with current government recommendations and consist of a universal case for hygiene and information, disinfectant dispensers and washbasin cases for regular hand washing.

Blog, 04/26/2021

Extremely robust racks with innovative ideas around handling and function make SINORA racks the ultimate companion in the field of 19" technology.

Blog, 04/26/2021

Tips and tricks for the care and cleaning of flight cases!

Blog, 04/23/2021
[Translate to English:] ProCase iPad und Tablet Ladekoffer mit Lade-, Synchronisierungs und Sicherheitsfunktion.

The matching case from ProCase for tablets from all leading manufacturers: Apple iPad, Samsung, Google and Microsoft.

Blog, 02/22/2021
[Translate to English:] Modulare Transport- und Aufbewahrungslösung für Shure Microflex Complete Wireless Konferenzanlage

ProCase, in cooperation with Shure Europe and Shure Distribution, introduces the compact flight case system for the Microflex Complete Wireless.

Blog, 10/19/2020
[Translate to English:] Kinder entdecken die Welt der Vögel am „Maxcine"-Flightcase mit Virtual Reality Brillen.

Discover science actively!

Blog, 09/18/2020
[Translate to English:] ProCase Firmengebäude mit Photovoltaikanlage

Electricity from renewable energies!

Blog, 08/24/2020

Mobile and secure transport of servers!

Blog, 08/17/2020

The compact system solution consisting of screen, camera, soundbar and flight case.

Blog, 07/30/2020