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ProCase product series

There is the right ProCase series for every requirement

4M trunks series

4M stands for "4mm" case

The wall thickness gives the 4M case its name. The 4M case is built as a travel case using a profile frame. The aluminium case is suitable as a presentation case, samples case or as a brief case. This ProCase product is extremely stable – many other comparable cases have a thinner wall thickness. Additionally, the case has an attractive appearance that can be customized with an individual logo or lettering. A color suitable to your company can also be chosen.

The possibilities of the 4M trunks

The case dimensions can be freely chosen, including the depth of the lid.

CNC machined foam inlays and cushioned trim are available for the interior fittings. You then get an interior which is clearly laid out and divided to suit your requirements.

The manufacture of a case with your customised dimensions is available from one piece upwards.


  • Strong, "Solidplex" plywood wall material
  • Choice of colors available without surcharge
  • Alternatively with aluminium surface to make an aluminium case
  • Locks with an automatic function
  • Stable handle from leather or plastic
  • Foam interior or foam inlays according to requirements
  • Optional as a trolley case

Technical details

  • 4mm wall thickness
  • Secure, quality locks
  • Stable and comfortable handle
  • Chromed corner reinforcements
  • Rubber feet
4M trunk case locks

Case locks

ProCase aluminium case featuring case locks with an automatic function

4M trunk handles

Comfortable handles

Stable and comfortable handles on the 4M case

4m trunks case lid with robust hinges

Robust hinges

The case lid can be fixed in an open position with robust hinges

7M series

7M flight cases

In the ProCase 7M series, mostly all small and medium-sized cases are produced. The advantage here lies in the high stability of the product, which makes them also suitable for heavy items. They are mainly used for tools, measuring instruments and other equipment.

Recommended sizes

The 7M series is meant for very small sizes up to about 120cm in length. If there are partition walls in the case, then due to the extra stability a length of up to 150cm can be easily achieved. The use of Solidplex plywood walls give an extremely high strength.

What weight can we transport in a 7M series case?

We recommend a maximum weight of around 70kg. This can however, vary, depending on the shape and use.

Extra options

  • Foam inlays
  • Finishing in foam or felt
  • Inlay trays
  • Partitioning
  • Fixing rails

Technical details

  • 7mm Solidplex plywood wall material
  • Medium-sized butterfly-type locks
  • Medium-sized, sunken fold-out handles
  • Aluminium edge protection
  • Steel ball-corners
  • Available with rubber feet, as a trolley or with rollers
Butterfly-type locks of ProCase Standard version

Butterfly-type locks

The standard series is fitted with medium-sized butterfly-type locks and steel ball-corners

ProCase Standard version interior

ProCase Standard version interior

The interiors have an easy to clean and light lining

Hinges that lock in the open position of ProCase Standard version

Hinges that lock in the open position

The lid consists of a flat, aluminium frame and is fitted here with hinges that lock in the open position

10M series

10M series flight cases – suitable for even the hardest of conditions

ProCase 10 M flight cases are designed for the toughest of jobs. The cases have to prove themselves daily in tough situations such as rock band tours. Hardly any other use puts the material and design of the cases through the same conditions as going on the road with a rock band. The cases are often fully loaded and the stagehands on site at exhibitions or concerts are certainly no sissies. Everything must be done quickly, so a safe packing that allows fast access is of the utmost importance.

The heavy-duty ProCase series Profi Plus can be seen here showing their strengths, ease of handling characteristics and are just simply robust. Prof Plus cases can, of course, carry your logo or individual lettering. The color of the cases can be chosen from our attractive color range.

This production series has proved itself time and time again as an extremely durable and almost indestructible product series for industrial and exhibition purposes.

Advantages of 10M series flight cases for Professionals

  • More handles in order to guarantee an optimum handling in any situation
  • Strengthened edge protection profile with 35mm widths from extra hard aluminium
  • Edge protection rails feature channelling in order to sink the rivet heads below the surface, thus preventing them shearing off
  • A shorter riveting pitch using heavy-duty rivets
  • Extra hard steel ball-corners with a 9-point fixing
  • The ball-corners of the Profi Plus flight case are riveted with sidewall surface and the edge protection rails to give an even stronger joint.

Technical details

  • 10mm Solidplex plywood sidewalls
  • Large butterfly-type locks
  • Large, sunken fold-out handles
  • 35mm wide aluminium edge protection
  • Large, steel ball-corners with 9 fixing points
  • ProCase “Blue Wheel” rollers with reinforced housing and 450kg carrying capacity


Protection profile of ProCase version Profi Plus

Thick protection profile

With a 3mm thick protection profile from extra hard aluminium, the case can withstand the highest level of operational demands – The rivet heads are protected from shearing off by placing them within the channel of the profile

Handles of ProCase version Profi Plus

Multiple case handles

Profi Plus flight cases have a multitude of handles, shown here on all four sides

Butterfly-type locks of ProCase version Profi Plus

Large butterfly-type locks

Large, butterfly-type locks with stay-open latches and especially robust corner protectors