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Flight case fittings

Top quality for ProCase flight cases and trunks

Branded fittings

Only flight case fittings from branded manufacturers and those from our own development are used for the production of ProCase products.

All fittings are thoroughly tested and constantly monitored for quality. This guarantees a high level of reliability and a long life of our products.

Aluminium profile

The aluminium profile used for closing the lid to the body is mainly our own development. It results in a particularly good, stable closing of the flight case lid itself.

The edge protection profile of the ProfiPlus series is extra-hardened and features a groove where the rivet heads are sunk. This means that they can withstand the high demands of use during concert tours.

Butterfly-type lock on flight cases

Large ProCase butterfly-type lock

Folding handle on flight cases

ProCase folding handle

Edge protection on flight cases

Really robust edge protection

ProCase blue-wheels on flight cases

ProCase blue-wheels