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Surfaces and colors

Large choice of colors available

At ProCase you have the choice of many colors that are available; you will not find dullness and monotony here. With a transport case in your company’s color you can enhance your distinctive corporate image. Moreover, you can set up your own organizational system using the colors and thereby quickly find the case you need e.g. yellow for your exhibition stand, blue for your exhibits, red for tools etc. We would be pleased to send you our color chart free and without obligation.

Do you need a color which is not contained in our range?

Give us your exact requirements; there are always new colors available which we have not yet incorporated. Furthermore, we can also offer a special color if your total need amounts to 500 flight cases or more.

Resistant and easy to clean

Your flight cases will still look good after many years of service, ProCase product surfaces are available in a wide range of attractive colors, are resistant and easy to clean. Take a look at our cleaning recommendation now.

Sidewall materials are coated with a hard, colored layer that give a leather look to the surface.

Available flight case colors

Black RAL 9004


RAL 9004

White RAL 9010


RAL 9010

Yellow RAL 1023


RAL 1023

Orange RAL 2008


RAL 2008

Red RAL 3020


RAL 3020

Bordeaux RAL 4004


RAL 4004

Blue RAL 5010


RAL 5010

Cobalt blue RAL 5013

Cobalt blue

RAL 5013

Night blue RAL 5022

Night blue - discontinued

RAL 5022

Sky blue RAL 5015

Sky blue

RAL 5015

Turquoise RAL 5018


RAL 5018

Ocean blue RAL 5020

Ocean blue

RAL 5020

Chocolate brown RAL 8017

Chocolate brown

RAL 8017

Green RAL 6029


RAL 6029

Olive green RAL 6003

Olive green

RAL 6003

Slate gray RAL 7015

Slate gray

RAL 7015

Gray RAL 7037


RAL 7037

Aluminium Alu Stucco


Alu Stucco

Phenol black

Phenolic black


Inside lining grey

Inside lining


Color for module and system racks

Textured black

Textured black