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Flight cases for medical equipment

Transport packing systems for medical equipment that meets the highest demands

Transport safety for medical equipment

The ProCase transport packing system cushions and protects especially well against the stresses of transportation. The especially high-quality interior features give exceptional transport safety.

The ProCase packing system to ISPM 15 requirements means you can export world-wide without the need for fumigation procedures.

Transport simulation and certification

At ProCase we can offer you certification for our packing systems. Using transport simulation carried out under DIN standards, you are assured that your equipment is fully protected.

The packing certificate is a confirmation of suitability for the forwarder as well as the transport insurer, thus making any claims for damage during transport much easier.

Safely secured in the ProCase transport box

Using an integrated loading ramp equipment can be loaded easily into the ramped case. All securing points can be operated without the need for tools which allows anyone to carry out this task. Your equipment always arrives safely at or from testing stations or exhibitions.

Fit for purpose packing

Your equipment can be packed completely assembled and ready to go. With the ProCase system you save time and money by both packing and unpacking.

Custom made even for one-offs

Do you require ProCase packing just for your demo equipment? Using our modular construction system, we can build a single, one-off packing, to your given dimensions and marked with your logo.


Product examples

Medical device ramp case k01139001

Medical device ramp case

The medical device iPulse can simply be moved into the case for safe and easy transport. k01139001

Transport Case for Medical Scanner k02210003

Transport Case for Medical Scanner

The Bauerfeind scanner system can be stowed away in the transport case and is ready for use quickly. k02210003

Transport container for dental treatment chair k03069003

Transport container for dental treatment chair

The dentist treatment chair is attached to a flat pallet. A divided hood is placed over it and makes the treatment chair transportable. k03069003

Packaging for medical torso model k03661001

Packaging for medical torso model

The medical doll can be safely packed with accessories in the carrying case and is quick to hand k03661001

Ramp Case Maquet k13252010

Ramp Case Maquet

The Maquet medical device is retracted over the ramp and secured without tools for transport k13252010

Trimano carrying case k13252014

Trimano carrying case

Robust carrying case with CNC milled foam inlay k13252014

Drawer Labeling with Engraving k16087020

Drawer Labeling with Engraving

Labeling of drawers Flightcase for tibiaxys with engraving k16087020

Transport Case for Implant Samples k16087027

Transport Case for Implant Samples

The implant samples are clearly arranged in CNC-milled foam inserts in two levels in the case k16087027

Implants logistics box k16087035

Implants logistics box

Flight case logistics for implants. The transport cases with the boxes contained are shipped in the clinic. All required implants can be taken out from the flight case cabinet there. k16087035

Implants Case k19429001

Implants Case

A selection of implants, here lumbar implants, are sent in the transport case with trolley. There is also space for a sterile instrument box k19429001

Shipping Container for a Surgical Microscop k26008354

Surgical Microscope Shipping Container

This logistics container was developed for Carl Zeiss Kinevo . The Kinevo is secured for transport by a patented hydraulic lifting system k26008354

Transport Case for Body Scanning Box k220480012

Transport Case for Body Scanning Box

The body scanning box is taken up with the case lower part as with a sack cart. Then tipped over and closed with the Flightcase hood. k220480012

Application example: ramped case

Perfect for the transport to exhibitions, presentations, device rental or exchange

Flight case systems for medical equipment

  • Brochure for case system solutions for both valuable and heavy goods

    High-Tec transport cases

    Individual, re-useable packing system
    Equipment packed with optimum transport protection
    Ramped case with integral loading ramp
    Exclusive design features add a professional image

    pdf279 KB

Packcases in Format

Practical flight case trunks for universal usage. Professional handling featuring sunken grips. Each format is suited for stacking on one another. Finished in grey on the inside as standard. Blue-wheel rollers, hard shell outer case and a variable compartmenting system are options.

ProCase Packcases for your company

  • Sunken handle flaps
  • Butterfly-type locks
  • Stackable
  • Finished in black for immediate delivery from stock
  • Brochure for cabinet and drawer chests

    Portable organisation systems featuring drawer chests

    For exhibitions and trade fairs:
    Sample cabinet
    Leaflet cabinet
    Crockery cabinet

    For service engineers:
    Tool chests
    Measuring equipment cases

    For stage engineering:
    Tool chests
    Adapter and cable case
    Microphone cabinet

    pdf1 MB