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Cleaning of flight cases and suitcases

Cleaning of flight cases and suitcases

As reusable packaging, our flight cases replace hundreds of cardboard boxes and other packaging in their time of use. We are proud to produce products with the highest sustainability. In order to further increase this sustainability, the service life and functionality of the flight cases can be further increased by proper care and cleaning.

Please see the link below for cleaning instructions for our flight cases and transport cases. This document describes:

  • How to remove dust, light dirt or greasy films from the case
  • Which cleaning agents to use for which dirt
  • Which cloths are advantageous for the PVC surface
  • How to remove special dirt (e.g. adhesive tape residue)
  • How to grease moving parts correctly

With the right cleaning and care, you can prevent damage to the flight case and thus increase the service life of the ProCase products.