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Bacardi cocktail mixing station

Bacardi cocktail mixing station

With the help of the mobile cocktail mixing station, those interested in sampling Bacardi Razz are both surprised and refreshed.

The perfectly stored ice cubes and raspberries for the drink can be taken from the stainless steel containers in the flight case. In the worktop area next to the containers the glasses are filled directly with Bacardi Razz and Sprite and offered to the customers for their enjoyment.

In removable bottle holders (Speedrack) the Bacardi and Sprite bottles are stored ready to use and can be mixed together in one easy movement of the hand. Accessories such as bottles, glasses, handtowels, serviettes etc. are safely stowed away in the fitted drawers during transportation. The drawers themselves are fitted with variable partition walls.

The flag can be extended to a height of around 2,5 metres to attract new customers and also to draw attention to the Bacardi Razz brand. The all round digital printing on the case inviting people to try Bacardi Razz also draws great attention from the visiting public.