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eKami Flightcase Media Center

eKami Flightcase Media Center

eKami - The educational flightcase media center for child-centered education

The eKami is a modular, mobile media center developed by Moritz Heinz Brylski for kindergarten, elementary school and other educational institutions. He found a reliable cooperation partner in ProCase, which put his idea into practice in a tailor-made manner at the highest level of craftsmanship. Children want to learn about the world and try out a lot of things. In the process, something can easily break. So it makes sense to use high-quality flight cases: These are stable, robust and easy to transport. In addition, screens and the digital world have become a matter of course for children. This is where eKami comes in as the first educational flight case for early childhood institutions.


Japanese storytelling tradition meets German engineering artistry

The name eKami stands for electronic Kamishibai. The classic Kamishibai originally comes from Japan and is nowadays popular in German kindergartens. To experience stories together, A3 large picture cards can be inserted into a wooden box with hinged doors. The eKami impresses here with its screen - thanks to the 48-inch OLED 4K TV, digital content can be reproduced razor-sharp and with vibrant colors. At the same time, the transport case from ProCase is designed so that it always stands securely despite the large screen and does not simply tip over. The eKami can also be securely locked in place with the brakable wheels. Then simply open the hinged doors and launch the device. Using the wireless screen synchronization, you can connect up to eight devices (from iPad to Windows laptop to Google Pixel) to the eKami. Thus, it is completely irrelevant which system the institution relies on or what kind of devices the pedagogical staff prefer to use. "No WLAN in the kindergarten? No worries, the eKami offers its own Wifi hotspot."


Extremely versatile flight case for early childhood facilities

In kindergarten, we work a lot with visualizations. Due to large groups, you also need a correspondingly large projection surface that you can use quickly and flexibly. This is where eKami comes in. Daily routines and group rules can be visualized quickly and easily using photos from a cell phone or tablet, without having to go to the printer or laminator. Thanks to the hinged doors, which in addition to providing transport protection also act as an analog complement to the digitally projected screen content, you can beautifully combine digital and analog content. They can be locked when open and can be secured against slamming shut, so you can attach magnets to them, for example. In addition, you can set up a story rail in front of the screen, in which you can set up figures made of cardboard or plug-in cards that complement the digital content. In this way, every surface in the ProCase is put to good use.

In kindergartens, you often have to go to great lengths to gather the materials needed for activities or educational activities. The eKami offers enough storage space so that everything is practically in one place. In addition, the plush mascot, the eKarlchen, also finds its home in it: The plush animal can be used as a motivational tool to encourage the children to try out all the possibilities of this unique flight case. TVs and tablets are normal for children, which is why a lifeworld-oriented approach should be used to enter into dialogue with children about their experiences with them. And why not do it with a sense of shared experience like in a movie theater?

There are many opportunities for educational activities and offerings:

  • Dialogic picture book viewings with board stories from Onilo, so you can use animated children's literature to promote language and reading.
  • The rear service flap with lockable cable flap integrated in the flight case naturally also makes it easy to connect many external devices. This way, classic picture book viewing is also possible with a document camera, while a group of children always has a good view. You can also explore the world of the smallest things with a digital microscope.
  • For older children, game-based learning experiences with Minecraft alternatives such as Minetest or Blockalot are also suitable.


In harmony with the movement in the kindergarten - eKami as a flexible solution

Room assignments change quickly, sometimes you're outside, sometimes inside. No problem for the eKami. The eKami consists of a stable high-performance flight case, which is mounted on a brakable roller board for easy transport. So you can put it on a table quickly and easily. This allows it to be used as a second screen in the office or as a digital bulletin board in the entrance area. But also for a larger audience, such as parents' evenings, you can quickly and easily have a super projection surface for presentations. In addition, the transportability of the eKami allows it to be used flexibly in different facilities of a sponsor - this flexible use makes the purchase particularly worthwhile from the sponsor's point of view.

The flightcase "eKami" combines digital media education and ecological responsibility

The eKami has an integrated power station, for which there is enough space in the ProCase and which - thanks to the intelligently placed cutouts - can easily be connected to the screen. This way, the eKami can also be used when there is no power outlet nearby. It also eliminates the need for an extension cord, which could otherwise be a tripping hazard. In addition, the limited power supply can also be used for educational purposes: Consuming digital content is only possible if you have charged the power station with the solar panel. This is particularly interesting for residential groups or youth work: Here, the young people themselves must ensure that the solar panel is laid out and charged. This is the only way they can use digital media themselves later. With the possibility of sustainable power supply, one can show the limits of the digital by only giving as much input as there is power available through the power of the sun.

The eKami itself also embodies sustainability in its design by allowing repairs of wear parts and replacement of obsolete electronics. In addition, the eKami is produced in Germany by ProCase in Bavaria. This means it is "Made in Germany", so high standards of environmental compliance are maintained. It is therefore a future-proof and durable product that will bring learning pleasure to many children.

Through the eKami, you can use digital content in a variety of ways and thus equalize the continuous rush of images. The extremely versatile flight case from ProCase reliably and stably provides the important tools to enter into a dialog with children about their digital experiences.

You can find more technical information about the basic flightcase here:

Developer Moritz Heinz Brylski with the eKami Flightcase

Developer Moritz Heinz Brylski with eKami Flightcase media center

The eKami Flightcase stands in a park. This synchronizes the display of the smartphone with the TV.

Thanks to the latest technology in the eKami Flightcase, simple screen synchronization is child's play.

The basic ProCase flight case for eKami installation.

The basic ProCase flight case for eKami installation.

The eKami basic flightcase from ProCase in closed condition.

The eKami basic flightcase from ProCase in closed condition.

eKami developer Moritz Heinz Brylski with the plush mascot "eKarlchen".

eKami developer Moritz Heinz Brylski with the plush mascot "eKarlchen".