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Extremely robust racks - Sinora Racks

Extremely robust racks - Sinora Racks

Extremely robust: SINORA 19 inch racks

19 inch racks are needed where technology is mobile. They should be light, easy to carry and bring the equipment to the place of use in one piece. Racks made of plastic are particularly popular for measurement technology, splitters and radio links. With the X-Design series, Sinora offers racks for professional use at affordable prices.

SINORA racks are manufactured using injection moulding and are therefore extremely robust and impact-resistant. This makes them the first racks of their kind. The plastic polypropylene, PP for short, is impact-resistant and UV-resistant. The surface has a fine pearl effect structure and the racks look really chic.

Lids can be exchanged without any problems

The injection moulding process offers another advantage, namely flexibility with lids. The exchange of old and new lids on the same racks is unproblematic with SINORA racks. Conventional plastic racks are manufactured with rotational moulds and often have strong tolerances between each other, so that lids usually only fit on the rack from which they originate and not on any other of the same height unit. Thanks to the high precision of the injection moulding process used for SINORA racks, lids and enclosure components can be exchanged without any problems.

Stable closures without butterfly mechanism

Other innovations of the SINORA racks include the case locks. Other manufacturers already have plastic racks with many small butterfly locks. The disadvantage of the butterfly latches is usually the high material wear. In addition, considerably more butterfly latches are needed on the lids to ensure that the lids close approximately correctly. SINORA Racks replace the many butterfly latches with four robust case latches. The latches are easy and intuitive to open and close and hold the lid firmly in place with an integrated rubber lip.  The sturdy snap locks are also recessed flush with the surface. This means that the racks can withstand both the rough everyday life of touring and shipping with parcel services for dryhire.

2 U to 8 U

The racks are currently available with 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 height units. For unit mounting, the racks have steel rack rails at the front and rear with M6 cage nuts. The lowest unit is supported by resting on the rack floor on the inside. This is advantageous when installing heavier units, such as a power amplifier, or shallow units that are very deep. With an installation depth of 458 mm plus 60 mm space to the rear lid, the racks also fit deep units.

Combined design with function

The name X-Design series is derived from the design of the base and lid. These have struts shaped like an "X", which give the surfaces their high stability. In terms of handling, the 19" racks are impressive thanks to their integrated plastic feet and stacking recesses. The generously shaped recessed grips and the large handles on the left and right offer good comfort when carrying. As a transport aid, SINORA also offers a professional castor board with blue wheels onto which the racks snap with their stacking feet. Two of the castors are equipped with brakes.

Extremely robust racks with innovative ideas around handling and function make the SINORA racks the ultimate companion in the field of 19" technology.

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