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Festival "Klang im Wald" - We are official partner!

Festival "Klang im Wald" - We are official partner!

Local festival "Klang im Wald" - We are an official partner!

We are thrilled to announce that we are supporting this year's local festival 'Klang im Wald' as a headline sponsor. As part of our ongoing efforts to support community events and promote the cultural richness of our region, we look forward to supporting this up-and-coming musical event for younger people in our county.

Regional event with young talents

With its debut in 2023, "Klang im Wald" has established itself as a major event in the district of Miltenberg. With the mission of bringing a breath of fresh air to the region, the festival celebrated its premiere in Rüdenau with 11 artists and over 1,300 visitors. This year, the festival is moving to the sports grounds in Amorbach.

The festival provides a stage for up-and-coming local artists & DJs as well as established talent and attracts a diverse audience every year to enjoy the atmosphere of the forest and the sounds of music. With a diverse musical palette ranging from techno to house to hip-hop, the festival offers music for every taste.

How we support the festival

In order to offer festival visitors the best possible experience, we do not limit ourselves to financial support. Thanks to our expertise in the event industry, we enable a high-quality and creative set-up in close cooperation with the organisers. This includes organising modern fabric festival wristbands, printed cups, large banners and our comfortable chill-out lounge. We also provide our versatile flight cases wherever they are needed. Whether at the entrance, backstage or on stage, our support offers real added value for visitors to the festival site.

Start the festival summer with us

We particularly appreciate the festival's efforts to create an inclusive atmosphere that is accessible to all. We therefore actively support the team and look forward to contributing with our commitment to making "Klang im Wald 2024" an unforgettable experience for all visitors. So be there when we open the festival season together and experience the magic of music in the heart of the forest!


Information about "Klang im Wald" 2024:

Event period:

31.05.2024 (start 5 pm) & 01.06.2024 (start 1 pm)

Event location:

Sports grounds of TSV Amorbach

Tickets & Line-Up:


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