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Flight cases with RFID tag

Flight cases with RFID tag

Flight cases with RFID tags for efficient warehouse management

We are pleased to present an innovative solution that simplifies event and logistics management: flight cases directly equipped with RFID transponders. An RFID transponder, also known as an RFID tag, offers numerous practical advantages today and, above all, for the future. ProCase can supply your case with a built-in RFID transponder on request. This means you are ready for the future, even if you are still using optical scanning or no management software at all.

Efficient incoming and outgoing equipment management

By integrating RFID tags, you can automatically capture a loaded flight case with all the equipment inside in your ERP rental software. More and more manufacturers are offering their cables, spotlights, devices and other equipment with factory-installed RFID transponders.

There are different systems for capturing and scanning, especially for rental in event technology

  • The most efficient and fastest scanning system is a gate from relyos through which all cases are passing. The relyos gate offers interfaces to all common warehouse management systems such as EasyJob, RentMan or HireHop
  • A simpler solution is the scan with a Zebra handheld scanner, which you scan the case all round. RentMan offers this solution.


The tags used here for the RFID scan technologies are UHF RFID tags. Compared to NFC, which can be scanned with a mobile phone, UHF tags offer a significantly greater range and transmission power. UHF RFID tags cannot be read directly with a mobile phone.

RFID tag holder from ProCase

We have developed a holder that fits both the Relyos and Rentman RFID tags. Although they do not differ significantly in their transmission characteristics, both suppliers favour their transponder as 100% reliable for their scanning system. You can therefore choose which transponder you prefer.

The flight case holder for the RFID tag is recessed into the case wall from the outside and does not protrude from the inside. Integration into the case wall means that the tag is securely protected for the rough and tumble of everyday hire. The tag holder can also be milled in from the outside at a later date. For maintenance purposes, it can be loosened and removed with two screws.

How does the UHF RFID tag work?

All UHF RFID tags have a globally unique set ID. This is permanently memorised on the RFID tag. In addition, there is a writeable memory area in which you can save your individual data such as Item number and description from your rental software. Once you have created the inventory item, your case will be automatically recognised.

Can be combined with standard rental software

ProCase flight cases with RFID tag can be used in combination with various rental software.

Our partner relyos offers a very professional scan gate for particularly fast and reliable recording of flight cases and equipment. The individual devices and the flight case are fitted with RFID tags. The loaded flight case is then driven through the relyos gate. Thanks to full integration in easyjob or Rentman, all data is automatically transferred to the system.

When placing your order, please specify whether you want RFID ready and which tag, relyos or Rentman, you prefer.

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Flightcase RFID-Tag mounted

The ProCase RFID tag is mounted on the flight case so that it is visible from the outside and can be replaced if maintenance is required

Relyos Gate to scan the flight case with the euipment inside

With Relyos, the case is simply driven through the gate and the entire tagged content is booked in the rental software in a matter of seconds