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Hygiene concepts from ProCase

Hygiene concepts from ProCase

Hygiene concepts from ProCase

Corona is still keeping the world on tenterhooks. Events as we knew and loved them before the pandemic will not happen for a while. As soon as a calming of the crisis is in sight, events will, in our opinion, still be subject to further hygiene regulations. The high hygiene regulations will pose a logistical problem for many organisers, because the high demand for material needs to be loaded into flight cases in a sensible way. We support you as contributors to events with well thought-out solutions in the field of hygiene flight cases and accessories.

Our hygiene flight case solutions are aligned with current government recommendations and consist of a universal case for hygiene and information, disinfectant dispensers and washbasin cases for regular hand washing.

Our hygiene cases are likely to be eligible for government funding through the "Überbrückungshilfe III".


Uni carrier plates Case

The Uni carrier plate case is characterised by its many possible uses.  The possibilities are almost endless. Depending on the application, various devices such as displays or disinfectant dispensers can be attached to the case. Thanks to the individually configurable carrier plate, a wide variety of devices can be mounted on it to meet all requirements. A cover plate closes the inside of the case at the top and rounds it off visually. The service flap at the front gives the user access to the inside of the case and to store accessories. The carrier plate can be stored back in the case together with the attached equipment after use. The plate is simply inserted into the wooden grooves provided for this purpose and the case is closed with the lid.


Disinfection Stand Case

The flight case for 6 disinfection stands is an indispensable companion in the Corona pandemic for the events currently taking place. Thanks to the intelligent milling of the dividers, the case holds 6 stands of 3 different models. The stands are embedded in lightweight contour-milled wooden dividers for safe and easy transport. The case is constructed in the grid of the pack size and has a depth of 600mm and a height of 800mm including the Blue Wheels with thread protection.  The matching partitions and disinfectant stands are also available from our webshop.


Washbasin case

The washbasin case is another component of the ProCase hygiene concept. The flight case with integrated washbasin can be used regardless of spatial conditions. Thanks to two built-in water tanks for fresh water and waste water, the case does not require a separate drain. The water circuit in the case is also operated by a user-friendly foot pump. Thus, the case is self-sufficient and does not require a power supply. The case also has a pump soap dispenser and a container for paper towels. There is also a removable waste bin next to the washbasin. The lid of the case can be opened and is held open by a gas damper. This ensures that the lid does not fall shut when using the washbasin. There are service flaps on the left and right of the case to access the internal components. Two milled holes on the case indicate that it is the washbasin case with foot pump. This way, your guests at the event can see directly where they can wash their hands. The case has trolley wheels and is therefore mobile and flexible to set up at the venue.

All hygiene cases in our online shop: www.procase.de/hygienecases