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Mobile video conferencing system

Mobile video conferencing system

Mobile video conferencing system

Many companies are using the current situation as an impetus for digitalisation. In times of home offices and no external appointments, video conferencing systems are becoming increasingly important.

Together with AV Data, we have managed to develop a compact system solution consisting of a screen, camera, sound bar and flight case. The system was designed as a plug & play solution and is accordingly quick and easy to set up, commission and dismantle.

The top slide-in lid means that there are no loose accessories that have to fit next to the case. It can simply be pushed into the case. There are two service flaps on the left and right for accessing the components and routing the cables to the outside via the cable brushes. As soon as the case is powered up, the screen is lifted out of the case by the integrated lift at the touch of a button. Below the screen is the sound bar with integrated tracking camera. As soon as all components have been completely moved out of the case, a cover plate is placed on the open case. This protects the internal components from dust.

The videoconferencing system is connected to a PC with just two cables (HDMI and USB) and is ready to go.  During a video call with a group, the camera finds the speaker via microphone and image and zooms in on him or her, so that the speaker is always in the centre of attention.

The video conferencing system is available in 55" and 65" in our Shop.