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ProCase Preview Prolight+Sound 2022

ProCase Preview Prolight+Sound 2022

ProCase Preview Prolight+Sound

ProCase is looking forward to the long-awaited restart of Prolight+Sound 2022 and will show the latest case developments there. The highlight is the 19 inch QSD rack in version 2.0. In addition, new cases from the hygiene sector and cases for the conference and education sector can be seen. It is worth visiting the ProCase booth A11 in hall 11.

19 inch QSD Rack 2.0

The new version 2.0 of the QSD Rack series is slightly lighter, intuitive to use and offers improved flexibility for 19 inch installation.

Doors are easy to slide in

Instead of removable lids like most 19-inch racks, QSD racks have doors. QSD stands for Quick Slide Door. The doors open quickly and slide into the side of the rack. This means there are no lids lying around during operation.
Thanks to a new door guide with rail system, the doors are easy to slide in even with larger height units. In contrast to stack racks, the lateral door guide also allows for large rack heights of up to 28 U and double racks. A flat bolt lock snaps shut automatically when the door is closed.

Rack rails with depth adjustment

The 19 inch mounting frame has been redesigned. Four slide-in rails serve as supporting elements, each of which is mounted on rubber-metal swinging elements. The rack rail level at the front and rear can be adjusted by 60mm each to ensure flexibility during equipment installation. The front and rear rack rails can be adjusted independently. For example, the front rack rail can be adjusted far forward to facilitate visibility of the equipment. At the same time, equipment with a large projection over the front panel, such as CEE junction boxes, can be set far inward. This provides more space for cabling. The rails mounted on rubber buffers are designed for medium to high installation weights and offer good damping properties. The QSD rack 2.0 is again available in two rack depths, with 600mm and 800mm external depth. Both correspond to truck packing dimensions.

Compatible with its predecessor and other ProCase racks

During the development of the QSD rack 2.0, care was taken to ensure that the old series remains fully compatible with the new one. The external dimensions and the positions of the casters are identical to the previous series. Thus, the first generation cases can be stacked one-to-one with the new ones. In addition, the QSD racks can also be combined with the Stack Racks and Essential Racks using the familiar adapter plate.

Cases around the topic of digitalization

The pandemic was the impetus for faster digitization in all areas. In times of home office video conferencing systems became essential. ProCase has developed a mobile conference system, which is both a transport case and a presentation stand in one. The video conferencing solution is based on the Screen-Lift Cases as a complete system. It is used, for example, in companies to integrate work groups in production into an online meeting. The complete set is ready for use in just a few steps and can be stowed away again after use.

The Tab-Case and Notebook Flex-Case have been developed for the education sector. Both systems are available with charging technology.

B2B Webshop

ProCase is a flight case manufacturer for industry and professional event technology. For devices and equipment ProCase offers a wide range of standards. The modern B2B webshop has cases, 19 inch racks and drawer cabinets. All flightcases can be chosen in 20 case colors. In addition, there are accessories such as panels, drawers and foam inserts, as well as plastic cases from SKB and Sinora. If you have any questions about the products, ProCase's event case team is available to answer them.

Press Release
The new version 2.0 of the QSD Rack series.

The new version 2.0 of the QSD Rack series.

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