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QSD Rack 2.0

QSD Rack 2.0

Improved functions: The new QSD Rack 2.0 from ProCase

Heavy and sensitive 19" technology is usually transported in rubber-mounted 19" racks. Event technology in particular is always mobile and must arrive safely at the place of use. Stable 19" racks are required here, which are easy to handle and shine with well thought-out functions. The QSD Rack from ProCase was an innovative pioneer here. The latest version convinces with constant improvements in use and new functions.

Rack rails with depth adjustment

Like the current QSD Stack Rack from ProCase, the QSD Rack 2.0 now comes with a depth-adjustable rack rail. The front and rear rack rails can each be adjusted by approx. 6 cm. This offers flexibility when installing equipment. The rear and front rack rails can be adjusted independently of each other. The rails, which are mounted on rubber buffers, are designed for an installation weight of up to 120kg in order to provide optimum vibration characteristics.

Doors are even easier to slide in

Thanks to a new door guide, by means of a rail system, the doors are easy to slide in even with larger height units. This offers the possibility of racks with 30 height units and more. The doors are pushed in sideways so that loose covers are no longer required. A flat bolt lock automatically snaps shut when the door is swung shut and locks the door.

QSD doors now lockable

Optionally, ProCase offers the possibility to equip the QSD doors with cylinder locks. In this way, the technology is securely stored during transport and when not in use. This is also possible with the double QSD racks with two 19" rack areas.

Compatible with the first series

Like the previous series, the new version of the QSD racks is equipped with stacking trays for stacking the individual units. In addition, care has been taken to ensure that the old series and the new series are compatible with each other. The external dimensions and the positions of the castors are identical. Thus, the new rack fits into the current inventory without any problems.

High Performance Flightcases

The QSD racks are completely manufactured at our site in Miltenberg, Germany. With ProCase products, you trust in quality "made in Germany" and over 34 years of experience in the construction of transport cases.


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