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Reliable transport packing systems for medical equipment

Reliable transport packing systems for medical equipment

The logistics of medical equipment often goes through many stages when underway. It is not seldom that during this transportation damage occurs to the goods that were, apparently, packed securely.

The manufacturer, ProCase specialises in the development and manufacture of stable and robust packing for sensitive equipment that guarantees a safe and secure transportation. 

The production of such packing is done according to the size of the equipment and must not be more expensive than standard packing. By using modern CAD software and in-house production, ProCase makes possible a cost-efficient manufacture. 

The goods to be transported are cushioned precisely down to the last millimetre, which prevents the slipping and sliding around of valuable equipment. Impacts and shaking are effectively absorbed. The handling of the ProCase product is designed ergonomically and customer-oriented. All transport securing points can be operated by the user without the need for tools, which makes loading and unloading both time saving and less costly. The equipment contained can be rolled out using the integrated rollers which contributes to an additional saving in time and money. 

A high level of material quality and professional finishing give ProCase products a high degree of reliability in use over many years. ProCase products are optically attractive as the manufacturer offers a wide range of colours and individually styled lettering to suit the corporate image of their customers. A selection of their solid and innovative transport trunks can be found from the 18th to 20th November 2009 at the Compamed exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, hall 8a, stand 8aF14.

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Flight case with integrated ramp

Using an integrated ramp, medical equipment can be rolled in and out easily and safely. All transport securing points can be operated without the need for tools.

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