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Sinora case housing for electronics installation

Sinora case housing for electronics installation

Case housing for electronics installation

For use as an electronics enclosure, Sinora offers special case models with UL94 approval. For this purpose, a customized front panel as well as a metal frame as a carrier for the electronic components can be offered.

In a project where Sinora cases are used for a test system for an automotive manufacturer, specific requirements had to be met. For this purpose, the design of the Sinora cases was further developed so that all certifications can be met. This includes, for example, the UL94 requirement. This regulation describes the test for classifying the flammability of plastics. Here, Sinora meets the highest level UL94 V-0. This is achieved by a plastic compound specially developed for Sinora, which enables the required flammability behavior of the case and the plastic front panel.

A metal frame is offered to ensure that the power supply unit, circuit boards and cable routing are held securely in the case. This is individually designed for each customer project. Also individual is the front panel for device operation, which receives the required cutouts for switches and plugs. As a series manufacturer for plastic transport cases, Sinora is particularly flexible.

This is made possible by the company's own development department and its own toolmaking facility at the Sinora plant in China. The sales partner for the industry in Germany is ProCase GmbH near Frankfurt am Main. ProCase is certified according to ISO 9001 and experienced in project management.

The Sinora standard range can be ordered directly from the B2B webshop. Sinora offers more than 20 case sizes.

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