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Sinora X-Design Series Racks

Sinora X-Design Series Racks

Sinora Racks

They are needed wherever technology is on the move: 19 inch racks. They should be light, easy to carry and bring the equipment to the place of use in one piece. Racks made of plastic are particularly popular for measurement technology, splitters and radio links. Sinora offers, with a new X-Design series, racks for professional use at affordable prices.

2 U to 6 U

The racks are currently available with 2, 3, 4 and 6 height units. For equipment mounting, the racks have front and rear steel rack rails with M6 cage nuts. The lowest unit is supported. It can rest on the inside of the rack base. With an installation depth of 458 mm plus 60 mm space to the rear cover, the racks also fit deep units.

Plastic injection moulding

The Sinora racks are manufactured using injection moulding. This makes them the first racks of their kind. The manufacturing process offers high precision compared to thermoformed or rotationally moulded racks. The accuracy of fit ensures that the lids can always be interchanged. The plastic polypropylene, PP for short, is impact-resistant and UV-resistant. The surface has a fine pearl-effect structure, making the racks look really smart.

Sturdy fasteners

Due to the new development of the racks, many problems and weaknesses known from plastic racks could be avoided from the beginning. The Sinora racks have really good and stable snap locks and these are recessed flush with the surface. This means that the racks can withstand the rough and tumble of everyday touring as well as shipping with dryhire parcel services.


The name is derived from the design of the base and lid. These have struts shaped like an X, which give the surfaces their high stability.

The Sinora racks are distributed by ProCase and can be ordered directly from the ProCase webshop at www.procaseshop.de. There you can also find 19 rack accessories. There you can also find 19 rack accessories such as panels and drawers in the range.

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