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Tab-Case Charging Case

Tab-Case Charging Case


For schools and educational institutions: Tablet and iPad charging case

The PDF product flyer for the Tab-Case: Download here

The matching case from ProCase for tablets from all leading manufacturers: Apple iPad, Samsung, Google and Microsoft

As large as the range of tablets for the education market is in the meantime, the iPad is predominantly used for digital lessons in school classrooms. The Apple iPad is probably the most popular tablet among pupils and teachers.

The ProCase Tab-Case can store, chargeand synchronise your tablets. Thanks to the generous compartment size of the tablet charging case, all common Windows tablets and Android tablets also fit into the case with or without a protective cover. The ProCase Tab Case is therefore the perfect companion for training courses, seminars and lessons.

Charge and sync iPad and tablet in the case
NEW: Now with USB-C charging hub as an option

An innovative USB charging hub is integrated in the tab case and controls the fast charging of all 16 tablets simultaneously. The LED display shows whether the connected cases are still charging or already have full battery capacity. The ventilation slots around the USB charging hub ensure optimal heat dissipation. If possible, please charge the tablets when they are open.

In addition to the USB charging hub, there is also the optional function of synchronisation. To refresh the devices for a school class after individual use or to distribute new application apps to the devices, one needs controlling access to the tablets. There are two ways to do this: Firstly, via W-LAN, Wifi with a so-called MDM software. MDM stands for "Mobile Device Management" and additionally offers extended control over the tablets. A tried and tested software that is widely used in schools is Zuludesk / Jamf School, for example.
Instead of using WLAN, the second option is to synchronise via cable with a sync hub. If you have connected the tablets to the charging hub with synchronisation for charging in the case, connect your laptop with the synchronisation software to the sync hub with a USB cable. Apple iPads, for example, can be synchronised via a MacBook and the Apple Configurator programme.


The tablets are safely stored in the lockable case and can only be accessed via a numerical code. The case is characterised by its robustness and high suitability for everyday use. Our distinctive colour palette for flight case surfaces are perfect for your branding. Your logo can also be applied to the tab case by means of a foil plot.

The accessory compartment offers space for cables and an adapter for display transmission to a beamer or large screen. If you use an AppleTV or another screen mirroring adapter for Airplay, Windows or Chrome Cast, for example, you can store it in the case.

In addition to our standard product, we offer the possibility of manufacturing tab cases according to your ideas from one piece.

The ProCase iPad and tablet charging case for up to 16 devices can be ordered directly here in our webshop.

[Translate to English:] ProCase iPad und Tablet Ladekoffer mit Lade-, Synchronisierungs und Sicherheitsfunktion.
[Translate to English:] iPad Ladekoffer liegt geöffnet auf dem Boden.
[Translate to English:] Tablet-Case steht hochkant und ein iPad wird zm Laden angeschlossen
[Translate to English:] Ladekoffer für iPads steht hochkant geöffnet mit iPad in Ladezustand
[Translate to English:] iPad Ladekoffer mit Lüftungsblechen ist abgeschlossen