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Foam inserts for suitcases and flight cases

Foam inserts for suitcases and flight cases

The advantage for you: case and foam dimensional insert from a single source

  • favourable one-off programme costs
  • favourable serial part costs
  • Reproduction of parts from quantity 1

Which CNC dimensional inserts are useful?

  • SKB case foam inserts
  • Flightcase foam inserts
  • Foam inserts for 19" drawers
  • Foam inserts for plastic boxes and standard containers
  • Foam inlays for aluminium boxes
  • 5S method shadowboard inserts for tools
  • Inserts with labelling of contents

Foam for CNC dimensional inserts

  • Standard material: Plastazote rigid foam LD29, black.
  • Leolen rigid foam black, fine-pored, somewhat more sensitive
  • Leolen rigid foam two-tone, blue with black cover
  • Antistatic or dissipative foam
  • Flexible foam, favourable price for serial parts from 100 pieces, however, not all shapes can be milled

Processing steps for the customised foam insert

  1. Arrange their equipment or tools on a table as they are to be packed. Determine the required insert size and take a photo of their arrangement.

  2. Send us the photo, possibly with explanations and all equipment, tools and accessories, i.e. all parts that are to be included in the dimensional insert.
  3. We take over your arrangement wishes and make suggestions for improvement.
  4. Your parts are measured and, if possible, entered into our CAD/CAM system with 2D contour vectorisation. Then engagement pockets are added and positioned. By means of a simulation of the CNC machining, the tool selection and machining sequence are checked and optimised.
  5. For the series production of inserts, several panels of the insert are milled directly out of a whole foam sheet. The foam blocks can be up to 200 mm high in one layer. The advanced nesting process is a particularly efficient production method and offers you favourable prices.
  6. Each foam insert has a part number and a version number, called an index. This allows you to reorder your insert at any time from quantity 1. If you need changes to the pocket sizes in the foam over time because one or the other device has changed, the item can easily be adapted.

Send us Your request - We will be happy to advise you.