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Slide-in modular racks and Vario-Rack transport cases

Slide-in modular racks and Vario-Rack transport cases

19-Inch Slide-in Modular racks and Vario-Rack Cases

Modular racks are usually transported stacked on top of each other in hooded cases. If you want to swap a module from the stacked rack tower, you have to remove all the modules above first. This is particularly tedious if the tower is wired together. To make it easier to swap modules here, ProCase offers a new option of side slide-in rails on the racks, with which the stackable modular racks can also be pushed in. This allows them to be inserted like a drawer into a corresponding case with side guides. The modules in the Vario rack cases can thus all be exchanged independently of each other.

New Vario-Rack Cases

ProCase offers three different sized Vario-Rack Cases with corresponding slide-in guides. All cases have 60 cm truck packing dimensions and allow the modular racks to be wired together by opening the back.

Compatible in the ProCase system

The highlight of the slide-in extension - the slide-in rails can be easily upgraded to all existing ProCase modular racks. No drilling is required. The rails are screwed on directly using the existing cabinet screws. Once the side slide-in rails have been fitted to the modular racks, the modules continue to fit in all modular hood cases and in the Vario-Flex packing trunk cases. An advantage that makes the extension absolutely flexible. The slide-in option fits the Basic modular rack series in the same way.


Available Vario-Rack items

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Slide-in rails for modular racks

The slide-in rails can be upgraded to all existing ProCase modular racks.

Vario-Rack Cases Group

The Vario-Rack cases allow you to transport your modular racks conveniently. Thanks to the slide-in rails, the modular racks can be swapped independently of each other.

Vario-Rack 80 equipped with slide-in modular racks

The Vario-Rack 80 offers a usable height of 17 U (an additional 1 U is required per modular racks).